Opies Christmas Range

Christmas isn't Christmas without Opies!

Opies are producers of prestigious sweet and savoury preserves that really come into their own, especially at Christmas. 

Christmas is here. The table is set. You go inside the cupboard for that family favourite. But, what? It’s not there? At this stage, facing Christmas without a delicious Pickled Walnut is like trying to eat turkey without cranberry sauce. Unthinkable.

Opies’ Pickled Walnuts are definitely an unsung Christmas Hero and a firm family favourite which are typically enjoyed with a festive buffet of cold meats and a cheeseboard. But, Pickled Walnuts don’t have to be reserved as a complement to Christmas cold cuts. You can buy Pickled Walnuts all year round and the Opies’ team are on a mission to provide inspiration of how to make the most from these jarred jewels. A range of recipes that offer creative ideas of how to enjoy Pickled Walnuts is available from www.opiesfoods.com/recipes. Pickled Walnuts are a true all-round ingredient and can help create the Best Ever Sausage Roll, Giant Scotch Egg as well as adding depth of flavour to midweek meals like Cottage Pie, pasta dishes and a risotto.

Christmas is always a busy time and we’d all prefer to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends. So why not stock up on a quick and easy go-to that enables you to create show-stopping desserts in mere minutes? Opies Fruits with Alcohol are a luxurious store-cupboard standby that really fit the bill.

There are two new luxury fruits on offer this year: Mixed Fruits with Prosecco and Apricots with Jim Beam. The Mixed Fruits with Prosecco are a sublime combination of blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants. The addition of a quality prosecco creates a sharp, tart, yet fruity treat. For the Apricots with Jim Beam, Opies have taken soft, delicate apricot halves and steeped them in the world’s number one Bourbon whisky. Elegant, smooth and refined, Jim Beam adds a spicy back note to the delicate soft apricots.

Typically the most popular way to enjoy Opies’s boozy fruits is generously spooned over ice cream or served simply with rich double cream. But, rather than settling for tradition, home cooks can discover lots of innovative and very tasty ways to incorporate these luxurious fruits into both sweet and savoury dishes.  Opies have devised a suite of new recipes (www.opiesfoods.com/recipes) and for the first time a recipe is also included on-pack.