International Elf Service

Fantabulous and Personalised Magical Letters. Inspired by Children. Delivered by ... Magic ... (Grown-ups)!

If there’s one thing children love, it’s stepping into the world of magical places. Secret realms that capture their imagination, take them on captivating escapades and create precious memories that they’ll treasure forever.

Award-winning International Elf Service and their beautiful hand illustrated letters help to facilitate that, by taking your children on unforgettable, magical literary journeys, to the North Pole and the world of cheeky Elves, and Fairyland!

Through handcrafted, personalised letters, all printed on 100% recycled paper, International Elf Service’s Christmas Elf Letters combine the enchantment of captivating storytelling and the sparkle of whimsical illustrations, delivering the most magical surprise.

Initially designed back in 2014 as an advent letter bundle from Father Christmas and the Christmas Elves in the North Pole, the range has been extended to also include personalised letters from the Easter Bunny, Fairies and Tooth Fairies. Flecked with gold and silver leaf and available to buy individually to celebrate a big occasion such as a Birthday or to purchase as a bundle, our unique Fairy letters are a wonderful way to inspire children to read, while reassuring children about a range of ‘big feelings’ that can be difficult to understand.

Hide your child’s personalised letters among the family’s mail, lay them on the table first thing in the morning, stash them among their toys, or have them mysteriously peeking out from under their pillow. Wherever they find them, they’ll feel as though Elf or Fairy Magic has been delivered directly to their door.