Elfie's Christmas Advent Calendar Letters Bundle - Personalised

By International Elf Service


Personalised Christmas Elf Letter Advent Calendar for children aged 5 to 99. If you'd like something Extra-Sparkly for your family's Christmas Countdown, then order the 8th Edition of Elfie’s Christmas Letters from International Elf Service. Featuring brand new stories each year, our original Gold Award-winning, Personalised Christmas Elf Letter Advent Calendar contains 26 stunningly hand-illustrated and eco-friendly Christmas Elf letters including an extra Extra-Special Letter from Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) HIMSELF! Each letter is personalised with your child's name (or with all your children's names - meaning only one bundle needed per family). Together they form a fantastically fun Christmas Story about the Elves' preparation for The Big Delivery on Christmas Eve, and they're all ready to be discovered mysteriously hidden around your home every day of December. Discover the magical and sometimes topsy-turvy world of the Christmas Elves and their Emergency Pyjama Meetings. Hear all about some dangerous and Super-Sticky deliveries, a series of mysterious appearances and disappearances, and how some Extra-Special Visitors make Christmas even MORE magical than usual. Find out what's on page 274,863 of Father Christmas’ Book of Christmas Magic and why the Elves all receive a medal! The perfect accompaniment or alternative to Elf on the Shelf. https://internationalelfservice.com/shop/product/personalised-elfies-christmas-elf-letters/

RRP Price (£) 38.95

Added 08/04/2021