Ultimate One Stop Shop Fairy Letter Bundle - Personalised

By International Elf Service


All the Personalised Fairy Letters you'll need, including TWO Birthday Fairy Letters. A truly magical & enchanting letter bundle. This whopper 'no tooth' bundle of Fairy Letters, includes 22 personalised letters (including 2 birthday letters), meaning you'll always be prepared for a Fairy visit ... just don't forget to take one or two letters on holiday with you if you think the Fairies would like to visit you there too! The Fairy letters can be personalised for one child or all the children in your family. The Fairy Birthday letters can be personalised to one child, or children who share the same birthday. Each letter in this bundle is designed to support children's mental health and wellbeing and deal with big emotions and feelings: - Worry Blaster - Bad Dream Chaser - Unkindness & Being Sorry - Speaking Calmly When Cross - Secrets & Trust - Fairness - Standing Up For Yourself - Special Needs Become Heroes - Kindness - Trying New Things - Helping Others - Feeling Shy - Comparing Yourself To Others - When You're Feeling Cross - Honesty & Owning Up - Be Yourself - Fear of Failure - Don't Give Up - Trying Your Best - Mistakes Can Be A Good Thing - Birthday Letter - The Rainbow Wish - Birthday Letter - The Pet Dragon Perfect for both boys & girls, these unique Fairy letters are written on 100% recycled paper with gold and silver leaf in, and come with a Dew Drop Magnifying Lens. https://internationalelfservice.com/shop/product/ultimate-one-stop-shop-fairy-letter-bundle

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Added 08/04/2021

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