Find Me A Gift

Make up for lost time and go big this Christmas with magical moments.

In a nutshell…

As gifting experts with 20+ years of experience, Find Me a Gift present every kind of gift giver with a range of gifts their loved ones are unlikely to forget. Extraordinary experiences to make memories? Sentimental keepsakes to cherish? Saucy and funny gifts to make someone blush? Done, with a unique twist.

The full version…

Our core values for gifting are experience, sentimentality, and fun. We believe in creating experiences which last a lifetime, whether that is through activity days spent with loved ones, presenting a gift designed with the recipient in mind, or making someone laugh until tears pour from their eyes. Our range of gifts pleases everyone from the doting mum to the crazy co-worker who you have zero in common with, which is why we’ve got Christmas sorted whoever’s on the nice or naughty list for 2021.


Go big this Christmas with experiences of a lifetime

We believe in creating experiences which make memories that last a lifetime. With 2020 being a washout, it’s time to make up for it and provide gift experiences that will have people talking about them for months to come. From the more unusual activities to classic experience days, we’re certain there’s a gift experience for everyone to enjoy with their newfound freedom. Want some examples? Car chases all sirens blazing, spy training, and beating zombies in a post-apocalyptic war of paintball, come to mind. For something a little more classic: traditional afternoon teas in stylish locations, spa days filled with massages which knead out every nook of stress of the past two years and luxurious wine tasting days in beautiful vineyards are all top choices.

The RETURN of Secret Santa

From work colleagues to WhatsApp group chats, there is a good chance Secret Santa will be called upon to save the day this Christmas. For the people who are lucky (or unlucky – depends on how you look at it) to be back at work, Secret Santa is almost guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer during the festive season. With quirky gifts certain to give a laugh such as Hairy Beaver (we named ours Justin… 😜) and sarcastic mugs which are sure to warn the entire workplace to stay away from the chosen recipient, our range of Secret Santa gifts won’t end up in the bin once 2022 rolls around.

Truly unique gifts this Christmas

Missed life-changing moments during lockdown? Make up for lost time with a sentimental gift straight from the heart. With present ideas which can be kept safe at home and keepsakes to carry wherever they wander in the world, whatever gift is picked from our personalised range is one to be treasured. An excellent example is our variety of wall art pieces, created by in-house designers. One design even earned itself a Gift of the Year award and continues to be a favourite among customers. For the not-so-soppy people out there, our range of gifts can still make them feel unique, but without the mush. We have Cadburys favourites, plant pots and candles as well as pint glasses and champagne flutes with their name on it… literally.


Whatever gifts people want to find this Christmas, Find Me a Gift is 100% the place to be.