Personalised Life Comes With a Mother... Cake in a Card

By Find Me a Gift


Mums know all. That's why we don't need a life manual. In fact, well into the later years of our lives we're still asking mum for advice on this and that. Celebrate this fact with a cake in a card which features a bright yellow cover and a witty quote about life, manuals and mothers which your mum will appreciate.  The specific words, written in bold, black writing, are "Life doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mother."  Personalise the card's inside left side with a loving message from you about how you couldn't live without her, how she's made you the person you are, or even how you wish you had that life manual instead of her crazy mothering skills - written in the most fun and loving way possible. The right side of the card features two compartments where two delicious cake slices are slotted inside. You have a choice of ten flavours and can pick two of the same or two different ones. Some of the mouth-watering handmade specialities that mum will love are Red Velvet, Coffee Cake, Lemon Slice and Chocolate Brownie. Whether she enjoys gooey chocolate, soft sponge, or tangy flavours, there's a cake (or two!) for her. The full list of flavours is available below. 

RRP Price (£) 9.99

Added 11/03/2022

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