Vodiac Smartphone VR Headset

By Find Me a Gift


Experience the world of VR through your smartphone with this immersive headset, complete with a great selection of VR videos! There are seven VR channels: Thrills, Adrenaline, Wonders, Explore, Documentaries, Relaxation, and Family. From the comfort of your own home, you can wander the cobbled streets of European cities you've always wanted to explore, head to the sandiest beaches and watch the glorious tranquillity of the sea, rip through racetracks on a motorcycle and feel the intense adrenaline of riding a rollercoaster. Twenty are free to view and you have access to a great range of even more videos, available to rent.  The surreal experience is easy to attain: simply place your own smartphone into the goggle-shaped headset and wait for your phone to transport you to another place and time.  

RRP Price (£) 29.99

Added 11/03/2022

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