Ellers Farm Distillery

Sustainability-focused distillery based in North Yorkshire

In the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside you will find Ellers Farm Distillery. Our state-of-the-art distillery is one of the largest in the country and our vision is to create incredible drinks with a positive impact on people and the planet.

Our journey starts with our founder. A passion for distilling, access to an orchard and a love of our planet spurred him to build a distillery on the farm. His vision is our vision: making the world's best spirits in the most sustainable way.

We are driven to give back more than we take from our wonderful planet and its people. We are Pending B Corp® and aim to become a Certified B Corp® by the end of 2022. We are partnering with Ecologi to plant one million trees and have been carbon neutral since day one.

We think business can be a force for good, which is why our commitment goes beyond just minimising our negative impacts. The very foundation of our business is built on the principle of balancing people, planet, and profit for the good of everyone.

We’re passionate about our spirits. We have built a state-of-the-art distillery, and under the skilled eye of our Master Distiller we produce a range of incredible brands.