Wallace Sewell

Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell, the duo behind the Wallace Sewell brand, are well known for their original, geometric formats and inspired use of colour.

Wallace Sewell is a studio of design excellence, intuitvely fusing colour, structure and yarn into woven cloth, marrying art and design within each product. UK based with years of experience, their fashion and interior accessories have gained an internatonal following, projects range from designing for the hotel and hospitality market, upholstery for the London Underground and bespoke scarves for the Tate gallery shops.

Both women were inspired by art and paintings, and shared a passion for exploring the theory of colour and woven textiles, resulting in a unique and successful design partnership. For over twenty five years they have worked together is testament to this. Harriet and Emma continue to design together and their creative spark remains strong, ever evolving, always distinctive and recognisable.

Wallace Sewell has always manufactured in Britain, with a thoughtful and meticulous approach to production. New ideas are created on handlooms at their studios in London and Dorset, which are then woven industrially in UK textile mills.

Wallace Sewell believe they have a responsibility to produce products as sustainably as possible. Weaving with natural yarns and fibres, the whole process of warping, weaving, finishing and processing, all take place within a 200 mile radius of the mill. Sharing details of our supply chain and having transparency throughout production is very important to Wallace Sewell.