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Representing Nuchido, Resilient Nutrition and YuYu Bottles

Nuchido TIME+

Nuchido TIME+ is a supplement designed to tackle the effects of ageing at a cellular level.

It has been developed by Northumberland-based Nuchido Laboratories – a team of world-renowned biologists led by Dr Nichola Conlon – who have led research into the way in which a molecule called NAD+ influences the way human cells alter over time.

Found within every living cell of the body, NAD+ diminishes with age, leaving people susceptible to a wide range of issues from muscle weakness and falling energy levels to poor sleep quality.

The Nuchido Time+ supplement raises NAD+ levels by around 240 per cent – the equivalent of reducing someone’s biological age by more than 15 years.

The UK Government singled out NAD+ as a key area of interest in its recently published Life Sciences Vision document.

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Resilient Nutrition Long Range Fuel

Long Range Fuel is a range of nut butters from Resilient Nutrition.

Designed to boost the performance levels of endurance athletes and the military, they are now available to the wider public and come in three varieties; Energise, Calm and Rebuild.

Created using a selection of nuts – including tree nuts, which are proven to benefit heart health, blood sugar control, blood lipids and inflammation – each variety utilises different ingredients to provide a healthy alternative to processed foods and snacks.

This science-led approach to nutrition has not only boosted performance levels among professional athletes across a wide variety of sports but has also led Long Range Fuel to be the first and only nut butter approved by global testing and certification regulator, Informed Sport.

All Long Range Fuel products are gluten and palm oil free and also available in keto and vegan-friendly versions in both store-at home jars and on-the-go recyclable pouches.

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YuYu Bottle

The YuYu Bottle is the first reinvention for centuries of that important comforter – the hot water bottle.

This 81 cm long premium version – made of fairtrade Sri Lankan rubber and available covered in a number of luxury fabrics including Liberty prints and even cashmere – comes with a drawstring which allows it to be tied around the body and so be used where it’s most needed.

It is much loved by athletes and was worn by members of Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics, but has also helped people suffering from a number of medical conditions.

Among those who find the bottles help ease their conditions are people suffering from scoliosis (curvature of the spine), arthritis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, colitis and endometriosis to name but a few.

People undergoing chemotherapy have also found the bottles help ease their pain and – because they can also be used as a cold compress – they are proving beneficial to arthritis sufferers who find both heat and cold help their condition.

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