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Nuchido TIME+ is a supplement designed to tackle the effects of ageing at a cellular level. It has been developed by Northumberland-based Nuchido Laboratories – a team of world-renowned biologists led by Dr Nichola Conlon – who have led research into the way in which a molecule called NAD+ influences the way human cells alter over time. Found within every living cell of the body, NAD+ diminishes with age, leaving people susceptible to a wide range of issues from muscle weakness and falling energy levels to poor sleep quality. The Nuchido Time+ supplement raises NAD+ levels by around 240 per cent – the equivalent of reducing someone’s biological age by more than 15 years. The UK Government singled out NAD+ as a key area of interest in its recently published Life Sciences Vision document. £65 for a 30-day supply or £60 for subscribers. A 90-day supply retails at £165. For more information visit

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