Best Overall Non-Alcoholic Spirit 2021 - 10/10 - The Independent

Overall Gold and Low/No New Wave Trophy - 96/100 - IWSC

As served by Delia Smith, Dishoom and Sticks'n'Sushi Restaurants

What is CROSSIP? A concentrated non-alcoholic, macerated spirit with a potent kick to enhance your mixer or cocktail and add some real character to your drink. CROSSIP does not mimic other alcoholic spirits, we have used our favourite cocktails and spirits as inspiration for our own unique explorations of flavour and texture. The overriding goal being to give our customers a sensation of a more mature finished drink with depth, that is designed to be sipped. We recommend to use CROSSIP with care, because of its sheer power, you will only need a small amount (25ml) to give the depth and body every great drink has. It is not designed to be drunk neat.

CROSSIP boasts three signature flavours;

Fresh Citrus is a bright fusion of citrus, herb and spice - Perfect for G&T and Mojito Lovers
Pure Hibiscus is a bitter and bold blend of fruit and florals - Perfect for Spritz and Negroni Lovers
Dandy Smoke is an award winning, meaty and smoky medley - Inspired by Dark Spirits

Plus, we have just launched CROSSIP's first limited edition flavour, Rich Berry. Our first true foray into the world of dark fruits and berries. Its deep, intense flavours linger on the tongue while evoking the signature mouthfeel that CROSSIP is so well known for. Perfect for hot mulled serves next to a log fire.

All of CROSSIP's Non-Alcoholic Spirits are made from natural botanicals using a maceration process (similar to steeping tea). The absence of distillation means that CROSSIP is one of the only truly zero-alcohol spirits on the market. Production takes place in Hertfordshire, UK by our founder and mixologist, Carl Anthony Brown who conducts the entire production process himself with zero outsourcing other than bottling. Our spirits are low sugar and low calorie, suitable for both vegans and diabetics.