The only underwear your balls deserve

JustWears is a digitally native brand on a mission to solve men's wellness issues by reinventing basic wears, starting with underwear. By introducing sustainable, high tech fabrics and ergonomic design, we help relieve discomfort, reduce sweaty balls and increase sperm counts. Most-known for the revolutionary pouch; a palace for your phallus which keeps your banana and plums separate!

JustWears was founded by designer and entrepreneur Yang Liu, who set out on a mission to radically transform the male underwear market. 

After speaking to hundreds of men, they all told Yang the same thing; their underwear was not fit for purpose, it was underwhelming and it was letting them down. As a result, Yang came up with JustWears in order to bring together contemporary designs, next-generation fabrics and attention-grabbing innovation to the male underwear market, without compromising on sustainability, cost or style.

As Yang herself says... “It’s funny how often you need an outside perspective to realise something’s up. Men’s underwear is long overdue for a serious upgrade and that's what JustWears is here for!”