Tactic Games UK

Fun and entertaining board games and outdoor games for all the family

Tactic Games has been bringing families together to share board game experiences since 1967. With classics such as Alias and Flags of the World proving just as popular today as when they first launched, the Tactic catalogue is bursting with fun and challenging games for players of all ages. From trivia addicts and word enthusiasts to thrill seekers and strategists, there is a game for everyone, with each one designed to be even more ecological and sustainable now than ever before and manufactured at the Tactic factory in Pori, Finland.  

Tactic’s games range from beloved classics to exciting new innovations – games you want to play again and again! Enjoy a traditional game of the word explanation favourite Alias or challenge your word skills with the fun and fast-paced Word Bingo. Teach your young children through new games in the Let’s Learn educational series, which has been developed in partnership with Finnish teachers to boost cognitive, physical and emotional skills.  For lovers of domino games, Metro Domino is a classic with a new twist and Crazy Maze is the latest party game for those who do and dare.

Tactic is also proud of its thrilling and award-winning experience games from its innovative board game development studio Gamestorm. Escape Run Alcatraz 2034 won a Hero Toy award at London Toy Fair 2022 and joins the popular strategic games 15 Minutes to Self-Destruct and 15 Minute Heist for those looking for edge of seat game play at their games nights.

Or why not have a sporty game of Mölkky in your garden or on the beach this summer?! Mölkky is the award-winning, easy to learn skittle throwing game and Number 1 outdoor game in the world.