Billions of toothbrushes will be thrown away every this year. But not this one.

Hi, we're SURI (short for Sustainable Rituals) and we've created an electric toothbrush that champions design, performance and sustainability – without compromise.

Our innovative brush uses recyclable plant-based heads made from cornstarch with medium/soft bristles made using castor oil. The slim aluminium handle is light, durable and infinitely recyclable; designed in a modular way so it can be taken apart to be repaired. In addition, we offer a free recycling scheme, whereby each toothbrush comes with a prepaid, compostable mailer. Just pop your used heads in the post to us, we'll take care of the rest.

We've done away with excess tech and gimmicky bluetooth apps (does anyone actually use those?!) so our brush is significantly slimmer than most electric toothbrushes – and the battery lasts for over 30 days!

SURI also comes with a range of thoughtful accessories:

UV-C light Self-cleaning Travel Case – charges your toothbrush on the go, and kills 99% of bacteria on the head in just 1 minute
Magnetic Mirror Mount – so you can free up space on your bathroom counter and stop all that horrible grime from accumulating at the base of the brush

With the electric toothbrush as our starting point, we're committed to radically rethinking personal care through sustainable innovation. Join us on our mission and find out more at