Smock London

Bright Clothes For A Bright Future, For Every Item Sold We Donate An Item To A Child In Need

We make exquisitely crafted girls' clothing reinvented with joyful colour and feisty femininity.

Once upon a time dresses were for pink princesses. Not these frocks! Smock is for dreamers, daredevils, pirates, punks, scientists, craft queens and the rest. For every kind of girl to shine in every kind of way.

We started Smock to create gorgeous clothes for these feminine firecrackers. Their effervescence shines through in every detail: neon pops, rocking smocking, zesty trims and luscious Liberty fabrics. We want to bring exquisite girls’ clothing full of embroidery and smocking fizz whizzing into the 21st century with a firestorm of electric rainbow loveliness, inspired by the mega watt personalities of the women - big and small - we are lucky enough to count as our customers.

Smock wants all girls to shine at their brightest, in their clothes, their lives and above all, their spirit. Today the future is female and there has never been a better time to shine! We invite little ladies to feel the world today is their oyster, there for the taking and making of it. This joy, exuberance and ambition is our inspiration and our mission.

To inspire bright futures for our little ladies, we need to help make that future happen. Smock passionately believes business should be a force for good. As a business we want to have a positive impact on the world around us in everything we do: on the people we work with; on the customers we serve; on the children we design for; on the planet we live in. This is how we do business.

For every Smock sale we set out to create a positive impact for people and planet. A tangible, positive action that helps make the world a better place. For every sale, we donate an item to a child in need. So every purchase, every drop of growth for our business, builds a brighter future for us all.

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