Pat Avenue UK

Who are we?

Pat Avenue design, manufacture and distribute children’s toys.

We are a global business with offices in the UK, Madrid, Miami and Hong Kong, and have a strong business model in Latin America, supporting licenses such as Hasbro, Mattel and Disney, with additional business in Spain and Europe.

Our focus is to develop and distribute strong brands, with innovative designs and an attractive value proposition for the retailers and consumers, whilst providing children around the world with the joy of play.

Our Brands

  • Battle Heads is an unmissable collectible! The aim of the game is to escape the danger zone and protect the city with the help of 5 brave teams: Power Heroes, Sniper Bots, Aliens Attack, Creepy Monsters and Smasher Beasts. With 90 battle heads to collect, including special metamorphosis pieces, the fun never ends!
  • Mascutties is a play value plush range with fun engaging features. Playtimes just got even more fun; each Mascutties has its own unique style and features that children are going to love exploring
  • Ecoplush is saving the ocean one bottle at a time. This brand is a sustainable plush line made using 100% recycled high quality fabrics and the softest stuffing composed of bottles removed from the ocean.
  • Luna Babies is a nurturing brand about 4 dolls that come from the moon to take care of children's dreams while they are sleeping. As babies, they have their own needs such as needing their nappy changed, eating, sleeping, and playing.
  • Keyriders allow little ones to explore the world on wheels! Our range of scooters and helmets are feature packed for everyday adventures. Children will immerse themselves into a fantasy world thanks to our creative designs, whilst learning balance and coordination.
  • Hama is the original bead brand for arts & craft play. It stimulates creativity using beads, patterns and pegboards. Not only does bead play train motor and logical skills, it also allows creativity to soar. Our products are a creative challenge for children as young as three years of age, one that many continue to enjoy for years to come; a colourful, fun and relaxing activity that allows them to develop.
  • Breyer is all about playing, collecting and crafting with the world's finest collection of realistic equestrian models, toys and accessories which are suitable for horse lovers of all ages! Every Breyer horse is created by hand, under the watchful eye of the world’s leading equine experts, meaning no two Breyer models are ever exactly alike.