Making Men Happy


We’re Menkind, a gift and gadget retailer that’s all about fun, discovery, geeking out, and embracing your inner child. We sell gifts that are really worth giving, including everything from licensed products to personalised gifts to tech. And, if we want to sell a product that doesn’t yet exist, we just create it ourselves!

Making Men Happy on Father’s Day

Menkind started as (ready for a shock?) a gift store for men. But, we’ve grown a lot since then and now sell all sorts of greats gifts for people of all ages and all genders. But, we think of ‘gifts for men’ like an old tattoo that we got in our youth. We wear it proudly because it’s a big part of who we’ve become.

That’s why we’re big into making men happy. Whether it means finding the perfect gift for the man you know, or if you are a man wanting a fun and easy gift shopping experience, Menkind is the place to come. For that reason, we’re a very popular stop at Father’s Day.

We sell all sorts of amazing gifts for all kinds of dad. From classic dads to active dads to joker dads, we’ve got pure happiness that’s ready to gift wrap.

A Brief History of Almost Everything Menkind

Menkind started in 2001 as a gift shop that offered “I’d-really-like-that-for-myself” kind of gifts, and that’s still our passion. We aim to offer an all-out fun experience for anyone who shops with us. But, since we began, we’ve grown a lot, expanded our target audience, and even had tech brand RED5 join our ranks.

While we have a notable online presence, we also have shops spread across England, Scotland, and Wales. These are really handy, especially at Father’s Day, thanks to our free Click and Collect service. That means easy last-minute shopping, with gifts being available to collect the very same day.

For more on our many locations, be sure to check out our Find a Store page!

What Makes Menkind Special

Our product range is as extraordinary as an empty motorway on a Monday morning. We offer interesting and exciting products for just about anybody, with gifts ranging from toys and puzzles to licensed fan merch to proper tech.

But, what really sets us apart is that we have a sense of humour. Yes, we put a lot of thought into the products that we offer, and we are fully committed to giving our customers an amazing experience, but we take ourselves about as seriously as the ‘wash with like colours’ tag on a t-shirt.

So, if you want to give a gift that’s full of fun, come to the company that’s full of fun, too…. Menkind!

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