Home of Fire

LANDMANN is the oldest barbecue manufacturer in Germany. Its story began in 1966 when founders Harmann Landmann and Bernd Hockemeyer took a trip to Canada and returned with Germany’s first ever barbecue. Along with their ambition and vision, LANDMANN was born.

From its traditional charcoal beginnings, LANDMANN now offers everything from smokers and high-temperature gas grills through to sustainable electric barbecues.

Our roots

LANDMANN is proud to be the first manufacturer to have brought barbecues to Germany on a large scale. The brand made history with its cult three-legged round grills that were widely available at petrol stations across the country. The compact model was practical, portable, and ready to use anytime, anywhere. It sold in its millions and fast became the German outdoor essential.

What does LANDMANN stand for?

Barbecuing is a part of everyday life.

Everyone should have the opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy it with friends and family around a fire pit or barbecue – whenever they fancy. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and LANDMANN designs its practical products with this in mind, offering high quality, innovative barbecues and fire pits at fair prices. There’s something to suit everyone.