Great Gizmos Limited

Great Gizmos is a leading wholesale provider of children’s fun, creative, educational and innovative toys, supplying a variety of high quality products that are exciting to both parent and child.

Great Gizmos carefully select the finest toys and gifts from around the world to provide you with the best range of products to suit every age. Our children’s toys and educational gifts help to inspire children’s creativity and build on their skills base, whilst also having lots of fun! We provide a variety of high quality, innovative products that are exciting to both the parent and the child, all at competitive prices.

Due to growing environmental concerns, the new Eco STEAM kit- Green Paper Craft not only introduces upcycling ideas but also uses FSC certified packaging which will be rolled out across the ranges. The introduction of FSC packaging is only a start. Shrink wrap is being phased out across all our products and we are replacing single use plastic in our ranges with the introduction of recyclable packaging materials.

Our products consistently feature exciting and engaging learning approaches. This year we have made multiple additions to the top selling Green Science and KidzLabs product line-up. It is also Green Science’s core mission to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. The KidzRobotics range contains excellent activities to stimulate creativity and build curios minds. To extend “art and creativity’ into STEM education the new KidzMakers and Thinking Kits involving science crafts cannot be missed. We also have a wonderful range of toys for bath time play and fun backpacks for carrying essential toys or lunchboxes.

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