Baby Clementoni Baby Robot

By Clementoni UK


An amusing robot with a motor and lots of electronic and mechanical activities designed for allowing small children to develop manual skills, logical thinking and motor coordination. Shifting the lever on its head will cause the robot to change expression and play mode. There are 3 play modes, educational, quiz and sleep, each with dedicated contents for fun-filled moments! The child can press the buttons to learn animal names, as well as sounds, colours and lots of new words. By selecting the quiz mode, the robot will propose simple riddles to be solved, helping children to improve their cognitive skills. In the educational and quiz modes, the robot will start moving in space, playing tunes and songs and attracting the children’s attention. In the sleep mode, the robot’s movement is deactivated and the toy will entertain the child with songs and nursery rhymes. The many educational contents are accompanied by amusing light effects. The diversified range of levers, buttons and mechanical activities requires different ways of interaction, developing child's dexterity and his understanding of the cause-effect relationship.

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Added 01/09/2021

Categories Children's Toys, Mother & Baby
Keywords Baby Toy , Robot , STEM , Toddler Toy

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