WOW! PODS - Marvel

By Wow Stuff


• Collect - 17 different characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) • Connect - Each WOW! POD connects to any other WOW! POD using a simple tongue and groove system • Display - Unique black-light lighting function (UV light) reveals mystery hidden icons when you 'Swipe to Light!'. Display your epic collection on shelf or wall mount for a stunning lighting effect in your bedroom, office or home study! Lights activate by a wave of your hand across the light sensor, or when turning the room lights off and on! • Includes Digital Collectors Album! Collect in physical form, scan the included card with a phone or tablet and you've now collected in digital format too! • 'For Fans of Character brands!' - WOW! PODS come in all your favourite brands for little kids (and big kidults). Collect the deadly Dino's featured in the Jurassic World film franchise or the wizards and witches from the Wizarding World's iconic Harry Potter movie series. Or choose characters from your favourite gaming brands such as Fall Guys from Mediatonic and Sonic from Sega! • MARVEL WOW! PODS Officially the No.1 Best Seller Ranking (BSR) on Amazon from July 3rd to August 23rd across 2 Toys & Games categories; Kids Action Play Figures and Bobble-Head figures • AWARD WINNING – The No.1 Collectable 2021, Gold Winner as judged by The Independent Toy Awards (Toast Publishing Ltd)

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Added 07/09/2021

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