Homedics Smoothee IR


Designed to enhance existing natural beauty, Smoothee IR helps to smooth often stubborn, uneven and dimpled skin, helping users to feel more confident. The vacuum massager uses an electronically controlled pump to create the powerful vacuum suction. The vacuum is enhanced by the addition of gentle infrared heat which speeds up results and, when applied to areas of cellulite, helps to loosen and disperse the fat deposits within the connective tissue layer. It also helps to create the appearance of a smoother surface. With three itensity levels for optimum performance and comfort, Smoothee IR allows users to personalise their beauty routine. Six smooth rounded heads glide over the skin with ease to enhance the massage effect while the three interchangeable cups are sized to suit every area of the body. The vacuum massager also features a unique cooling head using rapid, chilling Peltier Technology. When applied to the skin for just a few minuntes after treatment, this cools and soothes the treated area, helping to reduce any redness and leaving skin feeling firmer and refreshed.

RRP Price (£) 129.00

Added 29/09/2022

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