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By Kansha Alchemy


I developed Good Hair to address my own thinning hair problem when I found no solutions amongst the experts I had access to. I had to go to America to get the solution and so Good Hair doesn't just help grow healthier, it really does aim to address the problem of thinning and shedding hair. It works in three ways: 1. it nourishes the hair which is what MOST hair supplements do (and for some people who don't have an issue, this is enough). 2. It helps stop excessive shedding by keeping hair in the anagen phase for longer, so it doesn't fall out. It does this with a combination of herbs and minerals which work in different ways ie: blood flow to the scalp and ingredients that help keep the hair 'keratinised'. 3. Key ingredients in Good Hair aim to block DHT which is the main cause of hair thinning - androgenic alopecia (according to the American Hair Loss Association). DHT is a derivative of testosterone that shrinks the hair over time and women are becoming more sensitive to this too. They don't have MORE testosterone than before (so it doesn't show up on hormone tests), their testosterone is converting to DHT more readily and we can stop this with herbs and vitamins. I am very clear on the website that taking a supplement alone is not going to address thinning hair problems and also give advice about all the other actions you can take to help get hair back to healthy growth (including scalp derma roller, pro-biotic, juicing, giving up dairy, apple cider vinegar etc

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Added 12/07/2021

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