Salina Non-Stick Saucepan, 20cm



This non-stick saucepan is perfect for heating sauces, soups and other liquids that are prone to stick and burn like milk. Made by BALLARINI in Italy.

- Heavy-gauge forged aluminium body - 4.5 mm + 0.5 mm stainless steel
- Granitium Ti-X: 7-layer coating: Exceptionally long lasting. Titanium reinforced non-stick coating combines outstanding performance with superior abrasion resistance – metal safe
- The Radiant bottom ensures excellent performance on induction and all other hobs
- Ergonomic stainless steel handle stays cool during cooking and is suitable for use in the oven
- Ceramic external coating – high scratch resistance
- Dishwasher safe
- Guarantee: 10 years

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RRP Price (£) 79.95

Added 23/07/2021

Categories Homeware
Keywords Cooking , Healthy Eating

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