Wonder Women Herbal Hormone USA

By Kansha Brands Ltd


When I started training in herbs, I realised how potent they were and fell in love with them and their ability to properly heal. I was learning how they can help female hormones and tried all of them on myself - I was blown away by the results, so wanted to gather the key herbs in one formula. Part of my herbal training makes you understand how herbal formulas are more powerful as the herbs work together, rather than just taking one herb (and there are so many single herb supplements available) - the herbal combinations work harder together and I have made these mixes up in my own apothecary. Now I get the chance to make it into a supplement accessible to all women... Wonder Women contains all the key ingredients that are renowned for balancing hormones in one spot. Wonder Women is a mix of potent and pure, high quality herbs, designed to help regulate female hormones. The market is awash with products that have one or two ingredients such as Sage or Red Clover so it is rare to have all the key herbs in one formula. These include: - Dong Quai - Red Clover - Sage - Agnus Cactus - Ashwaganda - Licquorice Root Powder - Black Cohosh Root Powder - Blessed Thistle - Soy Isoflavones - Resveratrol Herbs work to balance the body and bring it back into harmony, so they do not create excess situations, so they are completely safe.

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Added 12/07/2021

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