OPIHR Regional Edition Miniature Gin Gift Set

By Quintessential Brands Group


Join the journey along the Ancient Spice Route by trying these x3 miniature Regional Edition Gins inspired by global culinary flavours. Each miniature Regional Edition gin is 43% ABV; 5cl. Discover exotic flavours and spices including, Szcheuan Pepper from the Far East, Black Lemons within the Arabian Edition and Aromatic Bitters within the European Edition. Far East Edition: The unmistakable taste of OPIHR Gin with warming szechuan peppers and earthy, smoky notes of Ajwain. A bold, richly spiced gin taking you from the Far East through the Orient. Arabian Edition: A richly intense citrus and spice-led gin with powerful bursts of Persian black lemons, amplified by the unique citrus flavours of timut peppers. European Edition: A distinct blending of spices of the Orient, balanced with fragrant myrrh and the discernible aromatic bitterness of cascarilla bark.

RRP Price (£) 11.90

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