BLOOM Gin Raspberry & Rose Gin

By Quintessential Brands Group


Fans of juicy red fruits will love the new BLOOM Raspberry & Rose Gin – the sweet juicy raspberry flavours work so well with the notes of rose, topped with either tonic water or lemonade. It’s a delicious base for a raspberry mojito too – BLOOM’s Raspberry Gin Mojito has just 147 calories, versus 206 for a rum-based Raspberry Mojito , so try our recipe and enjoy a glass in the garden in the sunshine. Ingredients: • 50ml BLOOM Raspberry & Rose Gin • 4 Mint Leaves • 4 Raspberries • 10ml Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup • 25ml Soda Water • 15ml Lemon Juice Method: 1. Muddle raspberries and mint in highball glass and mix with the syrup 2. Add all other ingredients and half fill glass with crushed ice 3. Swizzle thoroughly then top with crushed ice

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Added 30/06/2020

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