Smart Ball Kicktracker

By Golden Bear


Embrace the future of football with our latest innovation, the Smart Ball Kick Tracker. This ground breaking smart sensor technology offers an exciting new dimension to your football training and enjoyment. Powered by a state-of-the-art counting system, our Smart Ball Kick Tracker can track an astounding 999,999 kicks. But it doesn't just count - it remembers. With an inbuilt LCD screen, you can easily view your cumulative kick record at any time. This impressive feature allows you to monitor your progress, set new goals, and achieve your personal best. Our Smart Ball Kick Tracker offers unparalleled flexibility thanks to its attached rope and clip mechanism. This allows you to secure the Kick Tracker to your waist or hold it in your hand, making it perfectly portable for on-the-go training. Whether you're practicing at the park, at home, or warming up before a big match, the Kick Tracker is your ultimate football companion. Designed with user comfort in mind, the ball is encased in a super soft foam cover. This ensures a pleasant touch and feel, allowing you to practice for hours without discomfort. The Smart Ball Kick Tracker is not just a tool - it's a part of your football journey, designed to withstand countless kicks and keep up with your passion.

RRP Price (£) 14.99

Added 22/01/2024

Categories Children's Toys, Fitness

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