Godzilla x Kong Heat Ray Breath RC

By Simba Dickie Group


This larger-than-life toy lets you control Godzilla as it walks, stomps, and whips its tail around. The ultimate figure to play with and display, with fearsome light-up spines that protrude along Godzilla's back. If the monster's tail gradually lights up, fans will know to expect its awe-inspiring light-up heat ray breath. The battlefield will be ominously illuminated, as it projects its iconic roar! Stretching almost 2-feet long, Godzilla is ready to win the next fight. The user-friendly remote control allows you to manoeuver Godzilla effortlessly, bringing legendary battles to life. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Godzilla RC is great for play and display.

RRP Price (£) 79.99

Added 16/01/2024

Categories Children's Toys

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