Final Touch Stemless Champagne Glasses - 2 Pack

By Prezzybox


Get ready to elevate your fizz game with the Final Touch Bubbles Glasses – the charismatic companions for your effervescent elixirs! Each glass is a masterpiece, born from the marriage of mouth-blown artistry and handcrafted finesse. The gentle curves offer a comfortable perch for your fingers, while the narrow rim and slim bowl work together like flavour choreographers, enhancing the taste and balance of champagne, prosecco, mimosas, and any sparkling concoction your heart desires. Crafted from mouth-blown glass, they're not just glasses; they're an ode to the dance of bubbles and a salute to the art of indulgence!

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Added 11/01/2024

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Categories Homeware, Food & Drink, Alcohol
Keywords Homeware , Luxury , Romance , Valentine's Day

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