Xootz Snake Skull Skateboard

By Xootz


The kicktail is possibly the important invention in the sport of skateboarding. Patented by LARRY stevenson in 1971, his vision of the Archetypal double kick skateboard gave birth to the skateboard, a board with two kicks at either end of the board allowing the execution of all manner of flip tricks that skaters seemingly take for granted today. Xootz double kick skateboards offer riders a sturdy nine ply maple deck measuring 31 inch by 8 inch. The assorted deck is suitable for any intermediate or budding shredder. The heavy duty aluminium trucks with 6mm raisers and pu bushings give riders a sturdy platform, whilst a smooth ride is delivered by the 54 x 36 mm PVC wheels and 608Z bearings. The board's double kick capability allows tricks to be performed from the nose and tail of the board, meaning plenty of pop for ground and rail tricks.

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Added 11/07/2024

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