Mothers of Islam Oud Diffusers

By Sikhana


This collection was created on the premise of educating people about the rights Islam has bestowed to women & enlightening people about 3 prominent women who played an active role in commerce and in society spreading knowledge & the message of Islam. It is available in 3 scents; Aisha (Amber & Vanilla), Fatima (Musk & Rose Oud) & Khadija (Bergamot &Oud). Each bottle carries 250ml of the scent & comes with 10 reed sticks. The diffusers can last from 9-12 months depending on where in the house you position them. Often the patriarchal practises found in many muslim countries is actually a stark contrast to the rights Islam has given women and an anti-islamic opinion is formed amongst non-muslims and muslim women who aren't as knowledgable about the faith, claiming it to be oppressive & anti-women, which is far from the truth. A surah (quranic chapter), named An-Nisa was revealed in the Quran by Allah, which clearly stipulates the rights women have from inheritance to divorce, as well as expectations of a woman in society as an individual, mother and wife. Heaven lies beneath the feet of your mother' is an Islamic saying by the prophet Muhammad, this hadith (Sayings & actions of the prophet) is prominent in Muslim culture - emphasising that a child must respect their mother to gain passage into heaven. This is a recognition that it is the mother who bears the pain of child birth, who sacrifices her sleep to care and tend to her child & her desires to ensure her child is not left in need. The story behind this hadith is that a man came to the prophet and asked “Who is most worthy of my kind treatment?” The prophet said: “Your mother.” The man asked: “Then who?” The prophet again replied: “Your mother.” The man further asked: “Then who?” The prophet said again: “Your mother.” The man asked: “Who after that?” The prophet responded: “Then your father.”

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Added 09/10/2023

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