Kitten Games: Hurry Up Chicken Butt

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Perform silly activities super fast and don’t get caught holding the Chicken when the timer goes off! All players sit in a circle on the floor with a Nest in front of them. Shuffle 3 coloured Card Decks separately, then flip the top card from each deck. These are the only 3 cards you’ll need. The Chicken will make clucking noises. When it’s done, it will yell loudly. You don’t want the Chicken to be on your Nest when it yells! That means every time someone passes the Chicken to your Nest, you pass it to the next player’s Nest as fast as you can! BUT you are not allowed to just pass it. First, you have to shake the Chicken and then do the special colour-activity. Once done, you get to pass the Chicken to the next player. Look out for the special Chicken Butt Challenge too! Suitable for 4 years + and available from and Amazon

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Added 05/09/2023

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