Wind Power

By Thames and Kosmos


Wind is one of the most promising sources of clean, renewable energy available today. With this kit, you can assemble a realistic wind turbine complete with electric generator and adjustable rotor blades that are designed with complex aerodynamic curves to look and work like modern-day wind turbine blades. Then, conduct experiments to optimise the turbine’s performance by adjusting the angle of the blades and discover how to use the wind turbine to light up an LED and charge a rechargeable battery. Convert the generator into an electric motor and assemble a small electric car to demonstrate a tangible application for the stored electricity. The full-colour, 32-page manual offers illustrated instructions and scientific information that explores the different types of wind turbines and windmills, the history of this technology, and how wind energy can be used to power homes and electric cars.

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Added 19/01/2023

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