Bounce 'n' Catch Discs

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2021 AWARD WINNING Bounce ‘n’ Catch Discs bat and ball game - great for play indoors or outside on the beach, in the park, or just at home in the back garden. The two-coloured discs have hand holes for grip and a springy material middle. Great fun used as throwing and catching discs just like a Frisbee. Play and develop your bouncing skills on your own with the brightly coloured fun stringy rubber ball or play bounce and catch with a friend. The discs can bounce the rubber ball up to 20 metres or more and can adapt to play with many sports such as volleyball, tennis, and rounders. Great all-round quality versatile product. Develops children’s competence and confidence to co-ordinate objects and to communicate, collaborate, and compete with others.

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Added 20/01/2023

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Categories Fitness, Games, Garden, Wellbeing

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