FUEL10K Golden Syrup Porridge Sachets



10 x 36g sachets, the porridge sachets are fully recyclable. Suitable for vegetarians, FUEL10K’s porridge recipes are made with the finest rolled oats and boosted with milk protein to make a seriously tasty porridge that doesn’t compromise on convenience or nutrition. Preparation and Usage: 1. Tear along the dotted line and pour the oats into a microwavable bowl 2. Fill the now empty sachet with milk to the fill line (160ml) For thicker porridge add less milk For thinner porridge add more milk 3. Pour the milk into the bowl and stir thoroughly 4. Place the bowl in a microwave and heat on full power (800w) for 1 1/2 minutes Cooking time will vary according to microwave power 5. Stir the porridge and then heat for a further 30 seconds 6. Leave the porridge to stand for 1 minute, stir and enjoy! Caution product will be hot

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Added 30/09/2022

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