RED5 RC Drift Racing Car with Exhaust Spray

By Menkind


So, you think Lewis Hamilton is able to make a single seater racing car do things that it shouldn’t do? Wait until you’ve seen this RED5 RC Drift Racing Car! With specially-designed wheels, this car is able to perform amazing drifts. But, it doesn’t stop there. It can even strafe left and right, meaning it moves fully left and right without having to steer. Plus, it’s able to spray water vapour out of the exhaust for a super cool effect. And, so you can race into the night, it has bright LED lights built under its panels. This car has a USB rechargeable battery that powers it up inclines up to 50°. It can even do some serious off-roading… just like F1 drivers in the good old days of gravel traps. So, if you’re ready to see a single seater doing some crazy things, order this RED5 Remote Controlled Drift Racing Car now!

RRP Price (£) 45.00

Added 25/08/2022

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