Russell Hobbs SatisFry Air Fryer & Grill Multi Cooker

By Russell Hobbs


The SatisFry Air & Grill Multicooker produces up to 70% faster results than previous models and is up to 76% faster than a conventional oven, so you can have delicious and nutritious meals in no time at all! Most other air fryers only use heat from the top of the appliance, but the Russell Hobbs SatisfFry Air & Grill Multicooker circulates air temperatures up to 260°C from the top and bottom, for even cooking and all-round searing for perfect results. Get stuck in to not-so-naughty favourites made with little to no oil where you can reduce the amount of fat you use without compromising on taste and flavour. Try out all sorts of new dishes with seven ways to cook at your fingertips. And just stick the pot in the dishwasher to clean up. Yes, you can do whatever you want with SatisFry. The Air Fryer technology crisps, browns and bakes meaning meat stays succulent, and natural juices are retained during the cooking process. So, if you’re thinking of a takeaway, why not save the pennies and try guilt-free fast food from the SatisFry Air & Grill Multicooker?

RRP Price (£) 169.99

Added 01/03/2023

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