The way to perfect tea enjoyment begins with the temperature selection on the 360° base station. With the help of the pre-boil function, the kettle can first heat the water to 100°C and then reports when the desired temperature has been reached. Then you simply add your tea into the stainless-steel tea insert. The integrated tea timer signals with a beep that the tea is ready. A brewing time of between 0 and 10 minutes can be set, depending on the type of tea.

If your well-deserved tea break has to wait a moment, the tea can be kept at the desired temperature for 30 minutes with the practical warming function. The tea insert can then be removed with the integrated holder in the lid, released at the push of a button and placed on the drip tray provided. The glass kettle with a volume of 1.7 litres can not only be used as a tea maker. This modern-looking glass kettle is also easy to clean.

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Added 01/07/2022

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