I'm a Name-O-Saurus

By Wonderbly


Stomp, romp and roar with the dinosaurs! Take a child on their very own adventure to Dino Land, where they get to be a pterodactyl, a velociraptor, a triceratops, a diplodocus, and a T-Rex. But most of all, they'll learn how fantastic it is to simply be themselves. One night, a child awakes to hear a hair-raising hullabaloo. They follow the noise, and discover they're in Dino Land... their dream has come true! They meet five different dinosaurs, who teach the child how to flap, zoom, trample, stomp and roar. After all that excitement, a very happy, very dinotastic, very sleepy child climbs back into bed. Where they fall fast, fast, asleep.

RRP Price (£) 24.99

RRP Price USD ($) 36.99

Added 27/04/2022

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Categories Books, Personalised, Mother & Baby, Online Gifts
Keywords , Dinosaurs , Keepsake

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