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With all of its products designed to make life simpler, safer and stress-free, Dualit is pleased to announce the launch of its UV Steriliser. The easy-to-use UV sterilising unit is a must-have for anyone, from new parents who need to sterilise baby items to those who wish to remove bacteria from their house and car keys, mobile, money or make-up upon entering the home. The model has a removable upper rack for small items such as soothers, cash or jewellery while the lower rack is ideal for other household items – even cleaning cloths and remote controls can be swiftly sterilised in just 15 minutes when the unit is half full or 25 minutes when full. Powerful and chemical-free, the 630w UV Steriliser is suitable for everyday use and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Each cycle has the added advantage of deodorising to remove any lingering, unwanted odours. Along with the UV sterilising and deodorising cycle there are other programmes to choose from, including a Quick Dry only function that enables you to dry washed items such as dishcloths and cleaning tools in as little as 15 minutes ready for sterilising, as well as a 10 minute deodorising only cycle. A complete Dry, UV Sterilise and Deodorise programme is also on board and takes 35 minutes for items on one rack or 55 minutes for both racks, or for items that take longer to dry. There is an upper and lower rack and items are kept sterile for up to 24 hours when the door remains closed.

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Added 17/09/2021

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