Baby Bottle Warmers

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Dualit Baby’s easy to use, multi-functioning Bottle Warmers are designed to sterilise, defrost and warm baby formula, baby food and breast milk. Users can ensure that food or milk is at the optimum temperature for little ones by using the electronic control panel and simply selecting the volume in fluid ounces of the contents. The Bottle Warmer will then calculate how long to defrost or heat to a safe temperature, gently warming to preserve essential nutrients and removing any worry of hot spots. If short on time, a ‘Fast Warm’ function can warm milk 20% faster than the normal cycle, ideal for hungry babies! The handy sterilising function also kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Featuring a contemporary design, the Bottle Warmers are available in Single and Double formations priced from £35-£39 to cater for individual or multiple babies, and are compatible with plastic, silicon and glass as well as single-walled bottles.* * Dualit Baby Bottle Warmers can fit bottles up to a diameter of 80mm and sterilise bottles up to 105mm tall (without collars, teats and lids); large enough for most sizes, shapes and brands of bottles to fit comfortably

RRP Price (£) 35.00

Added 09/09/2021

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