Dino Ranch

Howdy Partners! Dino Ranch is the action-packed “pre-westoric” preschool series about a family of ranchers and dinosaurs premieres. 

Dino Ranch – the ultimate playground – is a working farm and dinosaur sanctuary and home to the tight-knit Cassidy family, Ma (Jane) and Pa (Bo) with their adopted kids Jon, 10, the leader and ‘dino-whisperer’, he is a fast-talking, wide-eyed young cowboy who fancies himself the fastest lasso in the west; super-caring Min, 8, she’s a young dino doctor intraining; and Miguel, 6, a smart, deep thinking, soft-spoken inventor with big ideas. All are training to be ranchers under the sure and steady guidance of their Ma & Pa.

Accompanied by their very own distinctive dinosaur best friends, Jon’s speedy raptor Blitz; Min’s big-hearted brontosaurus Clover; and Miguel’s tiny but mighty triceratops Tango –– they discover the thrill of ranch life while navigating the great outdoors through unforeseen challenges. As the three little Dino Ranchers learn the ropes, every day is filled with unpredictable adventures – because at Dino Ranch, trouble can loom like a T-Rex on a moonless night.

With wide open natural green spaces, and big blue skies, preschooler and their parents will be transported to a place where they can discover the exhilarating blend of dinosaurs, outdoor adventure and ranch life for themselves.

Create your own Dino Fun with the range of toys, playsets, puzzles and plush.