At Contigo, we believe in improving people's daily active lives through an intimate understanding of their needs, coupled with consumer-centric design and engineering.

Since 2004, Contigo® has been changing the global beverageware game, making it easier than ever to keep drinks chilled or hot on the go. Contigo® was founded on the belief that all products must solve a meaningful problem. To this day, its water bottles and travel mugs have been designed to overcome the everyday hassles and inconveniences of life. With consumer-centric design imbedded throughout its product portfolio, Contigo® has an extensive range across Thermal Mugs, Water Bottles, Outdoor and Kids.  

Contigo® is market leader when it comes to bottle innovation. Thanks to its patented AutoSpout™, AutoSeal™, AutoPop™, SnapSeal™, TwistSeal™ and ThermaLock™ technologies, Contigo® products are 100% life-proof. BPA-free, Contigo®’s leak and spill-proof reusable products help reduce single-use plastics from circulation.  

Proven to keep water ice-cold or hot for several hours Contigo® is the perfect companion for daily life. Dishwasher friendly, odour and stain resistant, look to Contigo for smart, intuitive and stylish design.