Cheeky Wipes

A leading manufacturer of reusable baby and female hygiene/beauty products. All products are made from sustainable materials and are not only kinder to the environment, but also to skin!

A story from the Founder

I launched Cheeky Wipes 10 years ago in October 2007, when I was 37 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 of 4! The reason I created Cheeky Wipes in the first place is that I suffer from eczema and when my eldest son was born, my eczema was really bad on my hands, and any disposable wipes I tried really hurt my hands.

The first product - our reusable Baby Wipes kit - came about as I worked out how to make the wipes smell nice and easy to use at home, how to make them wash well and how to carry them out and about. Once I'd solved those issues, I thought that maybe I could persuade more people to make the switch to cloth wipes, even if they didn't use cloth nappies. Hence Cheeky Wipes was born. We soon had a range of kits, with special kits for cloth nappy users and a separate ones for hands and faces, so even the poo squeamish can use Cheeky Wipes!

We've spread our wings over the years and over the last 3 years have introduced Cloth Sanitary Pads which are hugely popular, reusable make-up removing pads and period pants. We've also just introduced a 'Welcome to your period' first period starter kit as we believe this exciting change should be a cause for celebration, not embarrassment.