Bright Ways for Pets to Play!

At Brightkins™, our paws-on interactive pet toys and training tools for dogs unlock your pets’ curiosity and engage the entire family! After nearly 40 years of designing award-winning educational toys that are sold in more than 80 countries, Learning Resources® brings learning to life for your furry family members with Brightkins. Developed in collaboration with certified professional dog trainers, our toys will help you keep your pets bright and happy while deepening their bond with your family through fun, supervised play. Whether you're teaching new behaviours, boosting mental stimulation, or promoting active play, Brightkins interactive pet toys are here for you!
Brightkins is joined by Hunger for Words™the range of communication tools that help bring humans and their pets closer together. Christina Hunger is a speech therapist, author of the New York Times best-selling book, ‘How Stella Learned to Talk’, and founder of the talking dog movement. Christina first dazzled the world with her dog Stella’s ability to “speak” using simple paw-sized buttons associated with different words. Now you can start your dog’s communication journey using Christina’s techniques and the Hunger for Words tools developed in collaboration with Christina.

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