Bernard Delettrez

Bernard Delettrez is something of an enigma. A quiet, traveling man who prefers to let the jewellery he has designed for the past thirty years speak for itself. Yet the less he says, the more you want to know

The newly opened Bernard Delettrez store in South Molton Street London showcases this enigmatic designer's  jewellery collections ranging from the one-of-a- kind fine to the playful everyday – the unique Bernard Delettrez collections have something to suit everyone and, most importantly, every pocket. All these pieces – including his signature gothic skulls, the delightful ‘animali’, the watchful eyes and the luscious lip creations - are superbly crafted and designed to surprise and delight.

Driven by his love and knowledge of gemstones and fuelled by a fantastical imagination that reflects his extraordinary travel and life experiences,  his collections feature gloriously coloured gemstones or vibrant semi-precious stones set in complex metals, such as bronze and brass as well as silver and gold.